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Approach Towards Nutritional Management

Nutrition research funding is a subject that has been debated for a long time now. Some of the issues that have caused the debate are the susceptibility of the research to biases of various forms such as scientific conferences, government and advisory bodies and beyond. Thanks to all these conflicts, a guideline for nutrition funding has been developed. Bias and financial conflict are some of the issues that have been addressed.

Here are some of the proposed guidelines and principles that have been stipulated. To begin with, there is need to conduct a research that is factual, has objectives and is transparent. In the same breath, it should be in accordance with the principles set for scientific inquiry.

Secondly, the researcher needs to control the research and study design all the aim of remaining relevant to the investigation at hand. Thirdly, the researcher should not accept any offer or remuneration that may result from the project.

In addition, there should be a written agreement stating that the investigative team has the obligation and freedom to publish any findings that can be made within the stipulated time frame. There is also the need to ensure that all publications and presentations are fully signed for the disclosure of all the financial interests.

Lastly, the academic researchers should work hand in hand with research organizations or contract researchers and be precise as they make their affiliation statements. In addition, they are required not to participate in any paid authorship agreements that are undisclosed in any industrial sponsored presentation or publication.

However, these guidelines are proposed and they have not been implemented into law yet. In the event that they are embraced by the researchers, they may change people’s perception of funding of nutrition projects. Some of the benefits include encouraging responsible stewardship and oversight of scientific research by the organizations that are funding.

Nutritional management basically entails offering nutritional options to a group of people or individuals with some concerns of diet by supervising food services. The people in charge of this practice are known as dietary managers. They work in correctional facilities, cafeterias, hospitals, restaurant and long term care facilities. Their main role is implementing meal plans that have been drawn by nutritionists and dietitians. In addition, they are tasked with the responsibility of overlooking other nutrition personnel such as dietary aides and cookies.

The professional requirements of these professionals vary across the globe. However, they share some common characteristics such as attending formal education and an on job experience in nutritional management. Other courses that may qualify one as nutrition manager include food safety and sanitation, food service operations management and human resource management.

Several organizations that deal with matters related to nutrition have been developed over the years. There are several benefits that can be related to following a nutritional plan especially for those with chronic diseases. They include increased tolerance to side effects related to treatment, lowered infection risks, better and faster recovery and one can feel better too. In addition, one can easily maintain their weight and still keep the strength and energy that they previously had.

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