What Are Clothing Tags and Its Uses?

All the clothes that are manufactured now a day come with clothing tags. Clothing tags are small bands that are attached with the cloth. When they are attached to the cloth they are called the clothing labels. They are usually attached to the outer seams of the clothing. They tell about the brand of the clothing. A clothing tag is a tag that is attached with the help of a cord along with the price tag. This label usually tells about the specifications such as the type of cloth used and the care that needs to be taken while using or washing the cloth. Exchange policies are also mentioned on the clothing tags.A clothing tag is usually made of the card board material. There is a printed matter on the tags. This tag is important when the clothes are being exchanged. If these tags are tampered then the clothes will not be exchanged. The tags are small literature on the care to be taken of the clothes and some do’s and don’ts with some legal aspects printed on them. Legal aspects are mentioned taking the consumer courts into consideration. The prices are also sometimes mentioned so also the size of the garments.Sometimes the clothing labels are such that they double up for the clothing tags. Then there are no separate clothing labels and clothing tags. These are attached to the labels with the help of a plastic cord. The tags have a hologram printed on it so that there is no duplicate stuff that is pushed in. Tags are a certificate of authenticity. They have the logistics information on them as to the batch no, factory information etc.Tags come in different materials such as thick paper, card board, plastic, polythene etc. The tags themselves are very attractively done. Sometimes they themselves are so unique and attractive that one does not feel like throwing them. There are people who collect tags of different brands as a hobby. Tags are not removed while trying on the clothes or during trials. Ideally they should not be removed till the final wearing of the clothes. Once the tags are removed they will not be exchanged. To remove the tags, you will need a pair of scissors. Some people try to pull the tag out but it is not done as it rips the label apart to which it is attached.You should catch the tag in your left hand. See for the cord that attaches the tag to the label. This cord is in the form of a loop. Take a scissor, and cut the loop of the cord that attaches the tag to the label. Now slowly remove the tag with the cord. If you wear the clothing without removing the tag, it will irritate your skin and cause discomfort. If you keep the tag hanging outside while wearing the attire, it is a faux pass of the highest variety.It always helps if you read the instructions on the tag before wearing the attire. Very often the tags are removed and shoved in the dust bin. The tags have instructions for care of the fabric or the accessories with the attire. Put in a habit of reading the tags before throwing them off in the dust bins. It is a good habit.

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